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World Rugby CEO, Alan Gilpin, Meets with USA Rugby World Cup Bid Committee in Denver

The rugby leader met with US officials to progress the exclusive targeted dialogue for Rugby World Cup 2031 & 2033 to be hosted in the USA.

On March 18, World Rugby CEO, Alan Gilpin, finished his summit with US Rugby World Cup bid leaders to restructure and refocus the bid.

“USA is absolutely primed to host exceptional Rugby World Cups and the productive meetings this week have reinforced that belief, “ said Gilpin, “The re-modeled hosting strategy allows us for the first time to target nations that are central to rugby’s global growth objectives and the USA is at the very heart of that objective. If we want to be globally relevant and strong as a sport, we must look to the likes of the USA.

“We are excited by confirmation of USA’s candidature for a women’s event in 2033, which allows us to develop a long-term hosting and growth plan in partnership with USA Rugby and other stakeholders that will help the nation and North America realize its Rugby potential in every sense, which is in turn great for everyone in the game.”

South Africa bowing to the crowd after. their Rugby World Cup 2019 win. Source: Rugby World Cup News

The meetings focused on a partnership business approach between World Rugby and the host nation, rugby development across the USA's youth, collegiate, senior club, and professional levels, budget talks, and support/guarantees from local US governments.

USA Rugby Bid Committee Chair, Jim Brown said, “This past week has been extraordinarily constructive as we come out of workshops with World Rugby. We have been able to update on positive benchmarks the host concept has achieved to date and thoroughly discuss how the United States, our candidate host cities, stadiums and World Rugby can partner on the delivery of two successful Rugby World Cups.”

“Following a series of assessments and discussion with USA Rugby, we believe a hosting model of Men’s and Women’s events in 2031 and 2033 is better positioned for the US to set development goals and deliver on our promise of a catalyst for rugby growth in the United States.”

Some of the meetings were held at the 75,000-seat stadium, Empower Field at Mile High, home of the Denver Broncos. This venue is one of several candidate venues for the World Cup event. As first reported when the USA's bid was announced, Nashville is one of the cities in the mix to host parts of the event.

Source: FOX21 News

With progress from these meetings, USA Rugby takes another positive step towards securing the top rugby events in the world. Rugby in Tennessee will see a lot of growth as a byproduct from the country winning the bid.

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