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Ranking Major League Rugby's 2021 New Kits

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Our rankings of Season Five's new uniforms.

Every year, Major League Rugby unveils each team's new gameday uniforms. On January 14, the league released the new home and away Paladin kits.

See where we think each kit ranks this season.

#1 - Austin Gilgronis

The orange and black combo on both jerseys look fantastic. This is the best jersey that Austin has ever put out as a franchise.

#2 - New England Free Jacks

The Free Jacks consistently have one of the league's best kits, and this one does not disappoint. This kit does colored stripes right and looks great with the collars.

#3 - Utah Warriors

The Warriors red and black color scheme looks fantastic with this year's simple look. The four distinct strips across the chest, representing the team's core values, are in the perfect spot.

#4 - Rugby New York

New York's implementation of the Statue of Liberty is a win in our books. Adding the light blue color with the orange and navy also makes this kit stand out.

#5 - Dallas Jackals

The Jackals are using the same kit they used for the 2020 season before they opted out, and it still looks great. The simplicity and the colors all work together well.

#6 - Seattle Seawolves

The big winner in this kit is the Home kit's underwater vibes. While the Away kit is nothing too special, the Home kit is exceptional working with the team's orca mascot and theme.

#7 - Old Glory DC

This kit looked good last year and is making its return in 2021. The only thing that is off for us is the sponsor logo touching the flag and the team's logo getting lost within the stripes.

#8 - Toronto Arrows

The white and blue are a classic combo, and the triangular points on the jersey go well with the team name. We do not like are the gold inclusions and the jersey sponsor being so massive on the Home kit.

#9 - LA Giltinis

The Giltinis are running it back with their jerseys from last year. While the colors are okay, they added new collar stripes that feel out of place to us.

#10 - NOLA Gold

The NOLA Gold Home kit is another similar jersey from 2021. While that quartered pattern works, the black and gold on the Away kit does not seem to fit as well.

#11 - Houston Sabercats

The Sabercats have good colors, but these jerseys are not their best work. The reason being is the way both jerseys fade with different color shades.

#12 - San Diego Legion

The Legion used to have a fantastic red and black kit. These designs show that the team is trying to go in a different direction. Unfortunately, these kits seem scattered with the addition of the gold coloring.

#13 - Rugby ATL

Rugby ATL has the worst kit this year. Not only did they use a very similar design from 2021, but the Away kit is nothing special other than being a plain white jersey with a stripe. We do appreciate the snakeskin on the Home kit connecting to the fan name of the team - RATLlers.

What are your rankings of 2021's kits? Let us know in the comments below.

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